Nodevember 2021 is here! Nodevember is a yearly event during the month of November, to encourage and promote procedural art. It is a challenge, not a contest. No matter your field or skill level, any and all node-based/procedural creations are welcome! In fact, Nodevember is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new things […]

Codea’s New Autocomplete

Codea 3.3 arrives today with brand new autocomplete. In case you’re new here, Codea is a creative coding app for iOS. You can learn more here tl;dr you can skip straight to the write-up on what’s new in autocomplete Old Design This is what we’re replacing. The teal coloured bar pops up above the keyboard […]


Nodevember is a yearly event to encourage and promote procedural art. Shade is a great way to explore and learn procedural art anytime/anywhere from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. Get it here (7 day free trial, no subscription just to decide if it’s for you) The prompts are nearly here! Get inspired to […]

Making Materials in Shade Part 1

With Shade 1.2, many new things are possible. One of the biggest additions is the new material workflow. This allows you to make detailed tileable texture maps for Codea, Unity, Unreal and any other engine you fancy This is a little different than just making a shader by itself, since these maps are generally baked […]

Shade  1.1

The latest update to Shade is now out! These are the new features that make it easier to use and much more powerful Export Plugins The biggest new feature in this version of Shade is the Export Plugin system. By default, Shade allows you to export your shaders to Codea and Unity. Now you can […]

Looking Through the Shade UI

Shade is finally available for pre-order on the App Store. It’s free with a 14-day trial, so if you want to see some of these things in action go pre-order it for when it comes out on March 15 You might be surprised to learn that a considerable part of Shade was actually coded on […]

What’s Next for iPad Creativity

This is my vision for the future of iPad creativity Here is Shade, our upcoming shader tool, and my paint app running side-by-side. I’m painting on the left and my surface in Shade is updating in real-time This is all going through the iOS file system. How cool is that? The Components First, I needed […]

Detailing the iOS Menu

This continues my previous post on building a Mac style menu for iOS. In this post I’m going to walk you through all the other details that make this work. Navigating with Touch I’ve talked about how to make the menu look good, let’s talk about making it feel good. I started by looking at […]

The iOS Menu

Codea is our iPad app for creative coding. I’ve been developing a universal version for some time. It’s hard to take a complicated, eight-year-old iPad coding environment and bring it to iPhone. There’s so many damn features that need to work in so many damn configurations. Autolayout takes care of many of these issues (thanks, […]

Codea 2.0 Released

So Codea 2.0 was approved a few days ago, and I finally got everything else in place to hit the big green button. If you’re in the press and want the details, you can find a press page up at If you just want to see what’s new, head to: It’s been a […]