Nodevember 2021 is here!

Nodevember is a yearly event during the month of November, to encourage and promote procedural art.

It is a challenge, not a contest. No matter your field or skill level, any and all node-based/procedural creations are welcome! In fact, Nodevember is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new things and advance your procedural abilities.

Shade is a great way to explore and learn procedural art anytime/anywhere from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. Get it here (7 day free trial, no subscription just to decide if it’s for you). We are not affiliated with nodevember in any way but feel it is a great opportunity to learn how to make procedural art/content in a friendly, non-competative environment.

In previous editions, there have been 30 prompts, one for each day of November, but this year will be a bit different! In the interest of lowering the barrier to entry and promoting a more casual and enjoyable experience, there will be only 15 prompts this year. Each prompt will run for two days, giving you more time to unleash your creativity, and above all, have fun!

The prompts will be announced on October 31st.
You can find all the information you need to participate on, and any updates will be posted @NodevemberIO on Twitter and Instagram.

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