Create Anything on your iPad with Codify

Codify is an App that brings touch-based programming to Apple’s iPad

Adelaide, Australia - Oct 23, 2011 - Two Lives Left has built Codify, a platform that game designers, educators and students can use to create games and experiment with visual ideas. Codify is an iPad App that allows users to create and play interactive games and simulations directly on their device.

Built on the Lua programming language, Codify provides one of the richest coding environments available. Users can adjust numbers simply by dragging them, as well as touch colors and images directly in their code to visually edit them. At any time the code can be “played,” dropping the user into an interactive viewer that responds to multi-touch, accelerometer, and more.

Codify is designed for rapid prototyping and easy development. It includes full, in-line reference documentation at the touch of a button, intelligent auto-completion, and a beautiful user interface.

Codify is approved by Apple and will be released on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 for US$7.99 / AU$8.49.

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About Two Lives Left

Two Lives Left is an Adelaide company that was formed in 2009 by Simeon Nasilowski, John Millard and Dylan Sale while they were studying their PhDs in Computer Science at The University of Adelaide. They create fun and interesting games all the time.

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