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Cartoon Styled Explosions

I wrote this processing prototype to generate cartoon styled explosions for our next game. It took about two hours to get the basic burst effect. I’ll be adding debris trails and smoke to it when I next get some time, as well as PNG sequence output. For the moment you can click the link below to try the demo for yourself and get the source code.

The base effect consists of additive and subtractive expanding circles, with some randomness. An initial additive burst creates the colour, which is subtracted by using a delayed subtractive burst. There are many magic numbers and it’s hacky code, but it’s only for PNG sprite output.

Let me know if you find it useful!

Click here to play with the Processing demo – also includes source code. Left click to make an explosion, right click for a random colour explosion. Left clicking while an explosion is in progress will pause the effect.

The Cool Effect that No-one Noticed

The way I developed the animated ocean effect in Wheeler’s Treasure is something I’ve been wanting to share for a long time now. It ended up being a very small background effect in the final game, but it’s something I’ve always been proud of.

I made this video overview of how it works (best viewed in HD).

I painted a set of 4×4 ocean tiles that were tileable spatially (from one tile to any other tile), and temporally (through the horizontally adjacent neighbours). This allowed me to create a 3D ocean grid with a random texture tile in each grid cell. Each cell was then animated forwards in time from its starting frame. All tiles were guaranteed to match up with all neighbouring cells due to the arbitrary tiling nature of the texture.

I’ve included the texture below, feel free to use it however you like.