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The Cool Effect that No-one Noticed

The way I developed the animated ocean effect in Wheeler’s Treasure is something I’ve been wanting to share for a long time now. It ended up being a very small background effect in the final game, but it’s something I’ve always been proud of.

I made this video overview of how it works (best viewed in HD).

I painted a set of 4×4 ocean tiles that were tileable spatially (from one tile to any other tile), and temporally (through the horizontally adjacent neighbours). This allowed me to create a 3D ocean grid with a random texture tile in each grid cell. Each cell was then animated forwards in time from its starting frame. All tiles were guaranteed to match up with all neighbouring cells due to the arbitrary tiling nature of the texture.

I’ve included the texture below, feel free to use it however you like.

Better late than never – AVCon Indie Games Room Photos 2010

Hi all, this is my first post, so I thought I’d upload the long awaited photos taken at the Indie Games Room at AVCon earlier this year. We had quite a turnout with around 1000 visitors to our stand (that might include some repeat customers).

Without further ado, here are the photos…

Behold! inCline as seen as the Indie Games Room

Simeon and Astrid helping out a potential inCliner

Here's Dylan looking excited

Hey, it's me!

We managed to gather quite a crowd at this point

You can see one of our awesome posters in the background here.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Indie Games Room, we really appreciate your feedback.

You’ll be happy to know that inCline is very close to being finished and we will be announcing a release date soon. So don’t forget to let everyone know!

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inCline Story Redevelopment

Apple recently decided to come down on developers who reserve names on the App Store but never upload an app. Because of this we lost the name inCline Racer and can no longer use it. (We weren’t sitting on the name, development just took too long.)

You can find out more about inCline here

What could we do? Use this as an opportunity to re-think the name and the story of the game? YES. All we’ve been doing for months is polishing the gameplay.

So I’m replacing the original title screen and name

Original title screen

With this new story sequence (note: these need a lot of cleaning). The name will become inCline Peaks, a small, precariously located penguin community.

The opening shows us inCline Peaks, population: 142.

Controversial news!

On the precipice

Very conservative locals. I’m hoping this introduction will add a little more character to inCline.